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Large fan supporting bearings to achieve domestic

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  In the national "863" plan "large-scale wind turbine bearing test bed" research and development research, China's successful development of large-scale wind turbine bearing test bed, and gradually have a 1.5-3MW large-scale wind turbine special bearings for performance Simulation test, the ability of life testing, which is China's high-power fan bearings supporting the rapid realization of an important symbol of localization。

   It is understood that the fan bearing is more than 1.5MW high-power wind turbine one of the key components, had mainly rely on imports. In the "863" program support, after more than five years of efforts by the Wafangdian Bearing Group Co., Ltd. led the industry, academia and research team to carry out large-scale wind power bearing basic theoretical research, the establishment of the corresponding standards, Successfully developed a large-scale wind turbine bearing special test bench. Wafangdian Bearing Company has therefore become a strategic supplier of Siemens, Germany to provide Siemens 180 sets / month large fan bearings, get the pass to the international market。

   New developments

   Immediate detection technology innovation alliance was established

   Reporter Shen Hui reported: real-time detection and health monitoring Internet of things industrial technology innovation strategic alliance recently set up in Beijing. Union by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Biophysics, Zhejiang University, Beijing Union Medical College Hospital and other 30 research and medical institutions and 14 companies, industry and research together to promote industrial development。

   Immediate detection, is in the vicinity of patients or their place, in health promotion, disease diagnosis, environmental monitoring, food safety and other fields are widely used. At present, in the international arena, with intelligent, wearable, non-invasive features such as real-time detection of a large number of emerging technologies. Experts said that although China's real-time detection of industrial comprehensive strength is weak, but as long as the establishment of substantial cooperation between industry, academia and research mechanisms, multi-linkage, can in a relatively short period of time to establish a strong international competitiveness of the real-time detection industry。

   It is reported that the alliance will establish the next step "demand from the clinical, product and service clinical" R & D model, build key technology research platform, the pilot to establish common industry technology research base, the formation of collaborative innovation mechanism,。

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