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Safe Operation of Cooling Equipment for Emerging Steel Fan Cooling System

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  Recently, the new steel by a new steel cold-rolled steel in the cold side of the brake installation of a fan cooling system, this will not only ensure the normal operation of the equipment but also reduces the company's machine material consumption can be described as multiple purposes。

  As the brake on the west side of cold-shearing steel is affected by the long working hours and the high ambient temperature, the internal temperature of the brake is too high, reaching 168 ℃, which seriously affects the service life of the airbag, clutch plate, bakelite and so on. High temperature will lead to high-speed shaft temperature, oil temperature increases, leading to skeleton oil seals and seals affected by high temperature aging oil spill, each time the impact of oil seals at least 3 hours, seriously affecting the rolling production line. At the same time, due to high temperature impact of spare parts life shortened, making the short-term need to be replaced, thus increasing the section of the material consumption. To completely solve these problems, the emerging steel rolling department timely use of waste steel production and brake diameter of the same fan bell, and the installation of centrifugal fan, the fan fixed in the cold shear brake above, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing equipment operating temperature。

  After practice, the working temperature of the cold shearing brake is reduced obviously from the highest temperature of 168 ℃ to 51 ℃, which effectively prevents aging of seals and spare parts due to high temperature, avoiding the leakage of equipment. , Air leakage and other energy waste phenomenon, while the spare parts life cycle is also significantly reduced, reducing the company's machine material consumption to ensure the smooth progress of production。

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