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天博体育官网在线登录-天博体育app手机在线tive Pressure of Sintering

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Sintering fan low pressure is mainly affected by two constraints: First, the fan to the sintering machine pipeline is longer, turning more, resulting in increased pressure loss. Second, the lack of capacity of the fan itself, resulting in low negative pressure ventilation, air flow is small. The first reason Through sintering machine trolley, sealing system and other equipment transformation, in reducing air leakage has achieved some results. For the second reason, the following two schemes are proposed.

(1) redesign the fan, the impeller diameter from 3500mm to 3700mm, replace the fan casing. Fan speed is still 1000r / min, the shaft power is calculated as 4600kW, equipped with 5600kW synchronous motor, the final fan pressure increased from the original 10000Pa to 14000Pa, flow from 12000m3 / min increased to 14500m3 / min.

(2) to ensure that the fan casing, import and export of the same pipeline, the negative pressure fan manufacturers to change the fan rotor diameter, improve the negative pressure ventilation and air volume, so that the newly developed fan rotor and the original rotor exchange, this program Without changing the base of the fan casing and the motor base.

The first program because the motor power increase is large, the original motor base size can not meet the new matching motor requirements, so the whole fan base and motor base removed, re-create a new motor fan base. Increase the two fan main chassis and increase the motor also appears to be tight in space, you must move the site to implement the transformation of other equipment, a considerable amount of investment is also large. After a number of comparisons, we decided to adopt the second option.

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